Buddy Mobility moves
what matters.


Buddy Mobility

Buddy Mobility is an autonomous vehicle service bringing new efficiencies to urban mobility.

We partner with delivery and passenger providers to extend the services that make movement more flexible, reliable—and sustainable.

Our team is an international group of designers, product developers, researchers, and engineers based in Oslo and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Buddy Mobility helps move what matters by extending services for both goods and passengers. Our versatile platform works in tandem with existing mobility services to fill transit gaps and provide the security of a car without the burden of ownership. 


Buddy Mobility is currently developing projects with Norway's leaders in goods delivery and passenger transport.


Buddy Electric


Last Mile Logistics


Our autonomous platform and storage capabilities are built on proven technology from leading technical partners throughout Europe.



If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Buddy Mobility please get in touch. We are currently in development mode with a variety of partners, and would love to hear from you.